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A New Chapter Begins

“Everything eventually comes to an end”

Today (the 27th of September, 2013),  so did the cooperation between Auditdata and myself after nearly 5 years.

They took me in at an early stage as a student at DTU, and have been a part of my personal and professional development ever since.

During my years of service, Auditdata provided challenges that I am certain will help shape my future career. Additionally, they were willing to hand over the responsibility of Usability to me, which is far more than I could have hoped for being a student.

I truly hope for the best for the organisation and everyone I have had the pleasure to work with!

The Next Chapter Awaits

“The end of one chapter is the beginning of another”

The title of the next chapter in my book could potentially be: An Android Developer & User Experience Designer at Jayway.

I look forward to join a truly innovative and highy skilled company, who excels on many different parameters, including developing existing resources.

Not only do I look forward to utilise the full potential of my master degree, but also to improve and learn.

A new chapter begins, new collegues and challenges await, and I am truly looking forward for everything to come.

// David

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