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Finished my education

Last Thursday, after 6 years of education at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), I received my official diploma at the graduation ceremony. While the feelings were numerous, surrealism was the most prominent one; both in terms of the time which has gone by, but also in regards to achievements earned.

I was given a grade of 12 (A+) for my master thesis, ended up with an average of 11.05 (A) and had my own scientific paper published – accomplishments I never would have expected to obtain when I first began my education.

In any case, it is difficult to believe that I now stand as a Master of Science in Digital Media Engineering. I am certain that the education has given me the tools which I require, to move forward down the path on which I have only just taken the first turn.

As of October the 1st, I have been committed to EuroForm A/S on a full-time basis as a Developer & User Experience Designer. In this regard, I am most certainly looking forward to the many challenges and further development which lies ahead of me.

I owe a big thanks to everyone who has supported me along my education including family, friends and co-workers.


A New Chapter Begins

“Everything eventually comes to an end”

Today (the 27th of September, 2013),  so did the cooperation between Auditdata and myself after nearly 5 years.

They took me in at an early stage as a student at DTU, and have been a part of my personal and professional development ever since.

During my years of service, Auditdata provided challenges that I am certain will help shape my future career. Additionally, they were willing to hand over the responsibility of Usability to me, which is far more than I could have hoped for being a student.

I truly hope for the best for the organisation and everyone I have had the pleasure to work with!

The Next Chapter Awaits

“The end of one chapter is the beginning of another”

The title of the next chapter in my book could potentially be: An Android Developer & User Experience Designer at Jayway.

I look forward to join a truly innovative and highy skilled company, who excels on many different parameters, including developing existing resources.

Not only do I look forward to utilise the full potential of my master degree, but also to improve and learn.

A new chapter begins, new collegues and challenges await, and I am truly looking forward for everything to come.

// David


Ph.d. – To Be or Not To Be

Ph.d. – To be or not to be?

I am always in the process of learning and wish to do so continuously. So, after finishing my master degree in Digital Media Engineering by the end of 2014, I have the possibility to continue to develop my knowledge by enlisting as a Ph.d. student.

I although wonder whether or not I lock myself into a position – due to the specialized area of focus – or simply obtain more competences to add to my repertoire.

What are your personal experiences in this matter or what would you do in a situation alike? Continue to build upon your list of competences or make yourself accessible on the market of labor?



Why I went with WordPress

Desicions, desicions…

I have for a long time have had the idea to create a blog of my own from scratch in HTML5 to simply give the new technology a go. I figured that it would be a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills as a programmer, but instead found that WordPress provided the full functionality that I was in need of.

I must admit that WordPress – even based on the limited functionality based on updating the style sheet of your own (which you will need to pay to do)  – does not require much administration, is easy to use and provides lots of customized themes and plugins; no wonder it is so popular!

Even though WordPress has not been as customizable as I would personally would have liked it to be, I have gone with the flow and is now part of the revolution. WordPress ahoy!