Having just upgraded to Windows 8.1, and using VMWare Player as my primary programming environment, a connectivity issue occured: my guest operating system no longer had internet access.

Resolving the VMWare Connectivity Issues

But fear not: the issue is not too difficult to solve should you already have come across it.

  1.  First, download VMWare Player
  2. Start the installation and click “Repair”
  3. Once the installation has finished, launch your guest operating system

Should you, despite all odds, still not have regained internet access for your guest operating system, try changing the connectivity settings for VMWare Player:

  1. Click “Player” in the top-left corner and go to –> “Manage” –> “Virtual Machine Settings”
  2. Then, in the “Network Adapter” settings group, “Network connection” is found in which you should change the connection to “NAT”
  3. If that still not works, try changing to “Bridged”

If that still not works, well, then I guess even I will not be of much help. Try either reinstalling or searching the forums.

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